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Coast to Coast walk

Mike together with Chris Bancroft and John completed a 200 mile walk from St bee’s Head to Robin Hood Bay.  It was a tough walk and took two weeks with Helen in support as general dogsbody, driver and  backup.

Mike managed to raise about £500 from this event and Faraja Support thanks all three for their fantastic effort.  It was a long two weeks. If anyone would like to do something similar please contact us.

Proceeds for Faraja Support Support

        Christmas Cards

The Christmas cards were a great success.  We still have a lot of packs left so if you would like to stock up early for Christmas 2015 now is the time to do it.  The Packs are £5 for 12 cards and are very attractive.

We also have sticker gift labels at £1.25 for a sheet of 16 representing very good value.  Please contact Helen if you would like to make a purchase



We continue to do well - especially with our loyal band of individual sponsors. You are the bread and butter of the charity and we couldn’t do it without you.

A special thank you to Mr A. who wishes to remain anonymous - he sponsored all our children to their education last year and has agreed to continue this sponsorship this year.  This is a very generous donation and we are all grateful to him.

Thank you to Alison who is sponsoring Johanes

There are too many others to mention but you know who you are and we love you all.

Inflation is running at 22% in Tanzania so we need to recruit more sponsors in order to keep pace with the rise.

Tanzanian Arts and Crafts     

We are fortunate to have a lovely lady called Mama Grace who is supplying us with beautiful arts, crafts and jewellery from Tanzania.  We continue to attend many craft events and Christmas fairs and these are proving an effective way of raising much needed money.  If anyone would like to do
Some fairs for the charity we would be happy to supply the items for you to sell.  It is a fun way of raising money and we have met all sorts of interesting people over the years.

We are now also selling our items via this website.  To have a look at what we have please visit the
SHOP page . To order just send a cheque made payable to Faraja Support, together with your requirements and I will post out your order to you immediately via 2nd class Royal Mail. A contribution towards the postage would be helpful if you feel able.
Address on CONTACTS page.



If anyone has any great ideas for fundraising or would like to hold an event for us please make contact.  

We have recently had a lot of capital expenditure on the new house, new land and solar installation.  There are still many tasks to continue with including possible sinking of a well as well as fitting out the bedrooms and replacing various items of furniture.

Please contact us if you can help