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Faraja Support Online Quiz

Download the quiz here

Following the success of our first online quiz in May, we are running a second one. This time the theme is seasonal: all the answers relate to the month of December.

There will be a prize of a variety of Tanzanian artisan items for the person with the most correct answers.  In the event of a tie we will draw the winner out of the hat.

We would appreciate a minimum donation of £5.00


The quiz will be available from Monday 2nd  November 2020

All entries need to be returned to:


This is Juliana. She is 8 years old.   She is Dada Anna’s niece.  She arrived at Usalama House last year.  Her father abandoned her mother with many children and she had a complete breakdown.

So all her children were shared out amongst various family members. She has a twin brother but his whereabouts are sadly unknown. Faraja Support made the decision to support Juliana through her education and she is currently in Standard 2 of her primary education at Goodwill School.  The fees for Juliana are currently approximately £300 per year but will rise each year as she progresses through the school.

Closing date for the quiz is 9.00am on Sunday 20th December 2020

This is Harry.  He raised over £3,000 for Faraja Support which enabled us to buy an extra piece of land for vegetables.  It is now known as “Harry’s Shamba”. He walked from Felixstowe in Suffolk to Perth in Scotland and had many adventures on the way.  He rough camped, he was put up in church halls and vicarages and also had the odd night in B & B’s. He took a dip in the North Sea in November.  He had his faithful friend, Tilly the Trolley, but sadly Tilly gave up the ghost en route and he then had to carry all his equipment on his back.  A fantastic effort by Harry and also his family who helped with the fundraising. THANK YOU HARRY!!


Faraja Support is setting up a page on Facebook in order to sell Tanzanian arts, crafts and jewellery.  We have also started to create a shop on ETSY.

This year has been dreadful in terms of fundraising due to COVID 19 and we have been unable to attend world markets so we are trying something different. With lockdown yet again maybe try doing your Xmas shopping online and support the charity at the same time.