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Registered Charity Number 1125285


January 2009 - Research trip identified the need for home-from-homes and play schemes

August 2009 - Work started on the first house

March 2010 - First home-from-home opens with 7 little boys

April 2012  - Land purchased for our own building

January 2013 - work starts on the new house

2013/2014/2015  - Work continues - walls, roof, flooring etc

January 2015 - Solar hot water system installed

May 2015 - Small piece of land purchased for self-sufficiency

October 2015 - The move from old house to new house


We have many sponsors both large and small

• We are involved with several school locally

  who support us financially

• We maintain high ethical standards and

  recognise our accountability to sponsors

• We work closely with local people in Tanzania

  using their skills, knowledge and expertise to

  inform our work

• We have a creative approach to fundraising

 and welcome new  ideas and input

• We are currently hoping to appoint more  committed trustees  



Marian Youssouf - Chair

Helen Ross - Secretary

Mike Ross - Treasurer



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