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And our new little boy - JOSHUA

•  All these children urgently need sponsoring

•  It costs about £20 per month (£240 p.a.) to feed a child a balanced, healthy


•  It costs about £30 per month (£360 p.a.) to cover medical costs, clothing

  and care for a child

•  It costs about £30 per month (£360 p.a) to pay for private education for a

   Child aged 6 - 12 years old.


*  See if your school or organisation will sponsor a child for education - Faraja

  Support would ensure you are given regular updates about your child with pictures

  and letters - each child cost about £360 for one year at school

*  See if your family would club together to sponsor a child for health &/or food

*  Hold a fundraising event - challenge your organisation to raise £240 for food for

  one child for one year.

*  Take part in a sponsored event arranged by Faraja Support

•  Purchase items brought from Tanzania - go to our shop


In addition sponsorship is available for:

House Mama Catherine’s salary - £65 pcm

House Mama Assistant Anna’s salary - £55 pcm

Mama Hilary  - £45 pcm






Laptop Computers                                      Boys’ black shoes - 3 -9

Toiletries - soap, handwash, toothbrushes and paste, soap, flannels

Tea towels and washing up utensils          Sharp kitchen knives

Black school trousers age from 5 - 15      Socks and pants - age 5 - 15

Lightweight curtains and net curtains         Wellington boots and flip flops

T-Shirts, light sweaters                                Single sheets and pillow cases

Pillows        Suitable reading material for boys       Blue pens, pencils, stationery

                  Volunteers are needed to spend time helping out with education, house maintenance etc. and  have a brilliant time, as well as really making a difference to the lives of our children.

DID YOU KNOW.........................................???

In Tanzania:    A bus fare costs 13p              (UK  £3.30)

                      ½ doz free range eggs 75p    (UK £1.80)

                      1 litre petrol costs 95p           (UK  £1.32)

                      1 cucumber costs 8p              (UK 60p)

                       I pineapple costs  40p           (UK  £2.00)

                       Large bunch bananas 30p     (UK £1.15)

                       Pack cigarettes  £1.50          (UK £6.00)

                       Mop & Bucket  £3.00            (UK  £9.00)