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Usalama House, Tanzania, orphans

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  November 2015

What does being a Trustee of a UK registered charity actual mean? I would like to quote for the Charity Commission website:

“Charities are distinctive, but what makes them so? The voluntary principle - the willingness of those who run charities to give time freely for the benefit of others and not for their own financial reward - would be at the top of the list for many people.”
And also from the same website:
“This is an important principle and helps to sustain trust and confidence in charities. It is, and should remain, the norm.”
I would like to add that Trustees of our charity need to show willingness to commit to the staff and children of Usalama House for whom we have responsibility.  This is in one sense onerous but in another sense is incredibly rewarding.  If anyone feels they would like to commit to the Usalama Family please get in touch via the Contacts page.

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On October 17th 2015 all the hard work and challenges of the last three years came to fruition: we moved the whole family, plus chickens and the cat from our old house to our new home. It was a long day but went relatively smoothly.  Chickens, chicks and nesting hens plus eggs were carried up individually by the children. Butu the cat was carried up at the end under my shawl and settled in immediately. The children and staff worked tirelessly from morning to night.  The children were amazing; they lifted, carried, cleaned and unpacked without one complaint.  Even little Joshua(5) swept up dust and generally mucked in. Beds had to be dissembled and reassembled by Mike, Ismael and Wilson the builder.  David managed to put up all the mosquito nets. Anna had lunch for everyone and Catherine and I directed operations.  Grace made a library in the new house. Mama Teddy helped as much she could and then went home to produce a new baby two days later. Her temporary replacement also mucked in. By late afternoon the place felt just like home and I can sleep secure in the knowledge that all the children and staff are now secure for the long term.

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Staff News

Our wonderful staff continue to serve Faraja Support and our children with love and loyalty. Mama Catherine is our precious diamond. She is a wonderful Mum to all the children and a great boss/friend to the other women.  She is a brilliant housekeeper and manager as well as being a superb human being. We owe her a debt of gratitude that cannot ever be repaid.  She would love to visit the UK so maybe that could be arranged one day with help from donors and others. Her sidekick Anna is equally fabulous and adored by the kids.  She is to be married to Festo late next year so we are very worried about how she will be able to continue with us but we will do whatever it takes to keep her with us. Mama Teddy has just had her third son named Andrew after my youngest. Mother and baby are doing well. She is on three months maternity leave so another lovely woman is helped us out in the meanwhile.

Our Children

All our children continue to flourish and grow.  They work hard at school and all are near the top  of their various classes. Goodluck, Mercy and Aron compete for the top three places in Standard 4. Elia is knuckling down - he goes into the last year of primary next year so he needs to keep up the good work. The younger ones are progressing well after a shaky start for two of them.  Joshua has nearly completed his first school year and has done well.  He is bright, motivated and mature in his approach bless him. All the children have accepted the news of Johanes’ HIV status and it is now old news. He has taken responsibility for his drug regimen and is continuing to do well. Physically our children are very strong and well due to the excellent diet they receive. We are very proud of them all and I am sure that they will succeed in their adult lives as long as we continue to support them and ensure they receive the education that they so rightly deserve

usalama House, Tanzania, Orphans usalama House, Tanzania, Orphans usalama House, Tanzania, Orphans

Water Issues

Water has proved to be a problem at the new house.  We have installed a solar hot water system for showers which is working well provided that water is available. The whole area is suffering chronic water shortages due to climate change and a rise in population. We are researching various possibilities to solve the problem. There are two supplies so it may be that we change to an alternative supply if it is proven to be more reliable. In addition we could sink a well with a small pump which could be expensive. We need to buy larger storage tanks when money permits to make best use of “grey” water for washing, toilets and garden watering. The rainy season has now started so we await with interest how that affects the availability of water from the taps. Water problems in Tanzania and it is hard for us in the UK to imagine a life without readily available supplies of safe, clean water for our daily needs.

Politics in Tanzania

On October 25th 2015 there was a general election.  Election day arrived with everyone full of hope for a change of government and a change of political party. The ruling CCM party has been in power for 50+ years and has been very effective in suppressing any attempts at opposition.  The new opposition coalition led by the CHADEMA party gained a huge number of votes at local level but at national level they were still unable to gain enough seats and critically, the presidency, to form a new government.  They have made progress but now have to continue to build for another 5 years.  Most of our friends / acquaintances were very upset at the outcome and felt that all their hopes had been dashed yet again.  I am sure they will recover and work even harder next time. Corruption is the key issue that must be combated in order for the country to move forward and improve the struggling infrastructure.

The future for FarajaSupport

Faraja Support has worked so hard to get the new house up and running. In addition we recently purchased a small piece of land next to the new house which will help with self-sufficiency. We have a smart new hen house so will increase our stock so that we can produce enough eggs for the household and a surplus to sell to assist with running costs. But there are still things to do.  We would like to increase our supply of solar power.  We need to sort out the water issues by one means or another.  The furniture is getting worn and will need replacing.  The cost of education is increasing as the children approach secondary school and will need to be paid for.  Running costs rise as salaries and groceries bills increase.  So we cannot take our eyes off the ball. Please help us as much as you can - new sponsors would be helpful - please spread the word and put any possible sponsors in touch with us. THANK YOU!