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Usalama House, Tanzania, orphans

 And here is the news............

   November 2020


In these testing times our charity needs to continue to raise money for the children we care for in Tanzania.
We had a successful quiz in the summer so have launched our new quiz entitled “December”
With the latest lockdown in the UK only four days away why not download the quiz from our events and fundraising page and have some fun and help us to raise money to keep Juliana in her education.  The future for all our children is dependent upon receiving a sound education so that when they are adults they can make their own way in Tanzania and become responsible and worthy members of their communities. We have already assigned a future presidency to one of our children - who knows!

Please visit the LINKS page for access to my diary for January 2020


Usalama House

Our Usalama family have been settled in to the house that we built in 2015. An additional piece of land was purchased in 2017 in order to grow more fruit and vegetables.The money for this purchase was raised by Harry, who did a sponsored walk from Felixstowe to Perth- a big thank you to Harry - a fantastic effort.

The house is powered by solar energy and we were connected to the grid in 2018 to supplement  our energy requirements.

We dug a large underground storage tank to collect grey water for use during the dry seasons.

Our small flock of chickens continue to provide meat and eggs and any surplus is sold.

Charlie the house dog arrived as a tiny puppy on Christmas Eve 2016 and is a well loved member of the family and is an excellent guard. Our cat Butu  survived the arrival of Charlie and thrives.

We have fought tooth and nail to get our Children’s Home registration and still await the outcome of the application. We were obliged to appoint a part-time social worker and a qualified nurse. A local woman caters for our obligation to have a nurse in situ.

Wear and tear has been inevitable so we have had to replace the three piece suite and other household items over the last few years.

Our Children

Grace is in her 2nd year of further education studying animal husbandry.

David has just started his course in accounting on the other side of the country.

Elia has worked extremely hard at Edmund Rice school and is completing form 4.  He will take his National exams in November 2020. His current  aim  is to become an airline pilot!!

Goodluck, Aron, Dominic and Mercy  passed their Standard Seven exams with straight “A’s” apart from Maths. They are in their second year at Aldersgate School near Lake Manyara.

Johannes  has left Usalama House and now lives with his grandmother.

Our youngest four, Juliana, Joshua, Jordan and Joram,  continue at Goodwill Primary School and are doing well.

Faraja Support has agreed to pay the school fees for Juliana, Anna’ niece. Anna has taken responsibility for her since her sister was unable to cope on her own with six young children.

Our Staff

Mama Catherine - Manager - continues to run a tight ship at Usalama House. She now has to spend a lot of time travelling vast distances on public transport to visit various of our children who are in boarding school all  over the country.

Dada Anna - Assistant Manager now lives in her own little room five minutes from Usalama house.  She married Feste about two years ago and is hoping to start a family soon.  In addition she now has her niece Juliana living with her full time.

Mama Hilary - part-time help - lost her third son three years ago - probably what we would call sudden infant death syndrome.  She now has son number four who thankfully is thriving.

Ummi - part-time social worker - she was recently appointed in order to comply with new regulations which the government are enforcing - we have to pay for this.

We also have a lovely local lady who is a qualified nurse to satisfy the wishes of the government - she is available voluntarily.

Mama Hilary Anna Mama Catherine


We are extremely concerned about what is happening in Tanzania as regards to the spread of COVID 19 and the way it has being managed by the government.  The current situation is that the population continue to be told that there is no virus in the community but I am told by Mama Catherine that nobody actually believes this spin. So staff and children continue to be as careful as possible in


All the children have returned to their various schools and colleges and so far all continue to be well as far as we know.

We are unable to travel to Tanzania as planned this month.  The UK government advice is no travel to anywhere in Africa so even if we were prepared to take the risk and run the gauntlet of airports and planes, we are not going as we would not be able to get any insurance cover.  This whole crisis has caused huge amount of distress to Mama Catherine not least because she is worried sick about us and terrified that we will contract the virus and die.  I had a very tearful What’s App call last week and tried to reassure her that all will be well and that we continue to take care and follow the rules.

Maybe next year we will be able to go and in the meanwhile we trust our staff to continue as best they can and as ever we all have the best interests of all the children at heart.