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Usalama house was set up in 2010 following a spell spent in Tanzania volunteering in orphanages.  A charity was formed and we eventually found a house to rent in Oloirowa on the slopes of Mount Meru. The children that came to live with us were initially all local children is desperate need.  They were referred to us by the local Lutheran Pastor and the village Kijiji.

We run Usalama House as a home-from-home rather then as a traditional orphanage on tradition African extended family lines.

All our staff have been with us from the beginning and are totally dedicated to the children.

In 2015 we were given a large donation from a Trust fund and were able to purchase a piece of land nearby.  We then built our very own house to suit our needs.  That house is there for as long as the children need it and will  provide Catherine and Anna with a pension.

The house has now been transferred into Mama Catherine’s name to simplify matters in the future. When no longer needed, it can be sold to provide Catherine and Anna with small properties for their older years.

The family sitting


Family Dining Area

Grace and Mercy in their bedroom

Catherine and

Butu the cat




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Faraja Support, Tanzania, Usalama House

The whole Usalama Family

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