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subsistence  farming. We are caring for eight orphaned or disadvantaged boys as well as Catherine’s three children. They all live as a wonderful extended African family and have formed a very strong family unit over the last five years.  We have recently purchased a small piece of land next to the house which will be used for growing vegetables and fruit.
Faraja Support proudly announces that we have now moved to our very own Usalama House.  We have building the house for the last three years and it is now complete.  We have installed a solar hot water system and the solar system for lighting was moved from the old house and is working well.

The house is on the slopes of Mount Meru in a strong Maasai area.  It is rural and the land is used for

We have the most wonderful team now working at  Usalama and supporting our children.  Catherine is a wonderful mother to them all and they adore her.
It has been a steep learning curve for her and she manages the budget efficiently and accurately and has learnt about exchange rate fluctuations, ATMs etc.
She is more than ably assisted by Anna who is much loved by the children.  She is total workaholic and the house and grounds are always immaculate.  She has recently become engaged to Festo and hopes to marry in 2016.  Mama Hilary comes some hours each week to do the endless piles of washing by hand and is a great support to our family.  She is currently on maternity leave having had baby Andrew in late October. Ismael is our wonderful backup guy.  He has helped the family enormously and is much loved by us all.

New sitting


New Dining Area

Grace and Mercy in their new bedroom

Catherine and

Butu the cat



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Tanzania, Usalama House, Faraja Support
Tanzania, usalama House, Faraja Support

Faraja Support, Tanzania, Usalama House                    

Tanzania, Faraja Support, Usalama House
Faraja Support, Tanzania, Usalama House

The whole Usalama Family

Usalama House, Tanzania, Faraja Support Usalama House, Arusha, Tanzania, Faraja Support