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Red Silver Petrol Burgundy/gold Blue

Set of three nesting hand beaded baskets with lids - £20.00 each including P & P

Handmade in Tanzania by Maasai women - baskets measure approximately 4”, 3” and 2”.

White Rhino White Eli Green Hippo Yellow Hippo Red Eli Red/multi pot Blue/multi pot Brown/gold pot Gold pot

Ornamental hand beaded trinket pots

£15.00 each including P & P

Ornamental hand beaded trinket pots

£15.00 each including P & P

Blue Hippo Golden Lion Red Rhino

Large Beaded Animals

Measure 5.5” x 3.5” approximately

£12.75 including P & P

Butterfly - Blue Glass Goat Butterfly - Green Glass

Small Beaded Animals

Measure 4” x 3” approximately

£8.50 including P & P


red/yellow eli Green Eli Mini Cat Sitting Cat Cat Family

Soapstone Candle Pot

£8.95 inc P & P


Large Rhino/Buffalo/Lion/Elephant - £14.50 each inc P & P

Small Hippo/ Rhino, Buffalo/ Lion/ Elephant

£10.50 each inc P & P